Samstag, 4. Oktober 2014

Portfolio Character


The Soldier was made for the game project "The Retaliation" for 2Rise GmbH.
The entire character was created and designed by me. Dennis Schäfer did help me out with the diffuse texture.


The Driver was created for the project "Lamborghini Aventador" for 2Rise GmbH.
The character was created in only three days and also includes a Rig / Skin and some animations.
Motorcycle helmet and body polygon count are the exact same for lightning and better highlights (point of view).

For more information / pictures / videos about this project, visit


Armoria was concepted for the university-project "Leeroy Jenkins" but unfortunately didn´t make it into the game due to programming limitations. I decided to finalize her design with zBrush and polypaint after the project for studying purposes.

The Viking Ger was designed and created for the university-project "Hel". After the project was done I decided to continue 
working on the highpoly version of the character in zBrush.


Dar´Zhul was originally a quick mock-up for an Workshop I gave, to show other Artists my workflow. I got really fascinated with the outcome, so I decided to improve the design and bring him in a more "final" state. The whole model was created in zBrush without using a basemesh.

"Ted" Cartoon Character

 Webplayer here

Ted is a cartoon character for every kind of device, but is special made for mobile. He has a lot of color and equipment variations so he can be whatever he feels like. This character is also avaible in Unity Asset Store.


Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014


Character Design